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01. Majestically Magnificance! Lets set sail and start our Journey!
02. Half Believing. Half in Doubt? A Letter from the homeland
03. That arrogant guy, Wheres he going?
04. Run East, Walk West! His Destiny is to avenge?
05. False Report? There is no smoke if the fire isnt blown!
06. Wandering? The journey of the wildly running temple!
07. A Peace Meeting? This is the Dragons Sanctuary?
08. Preparation Caution! The Plan has started moving!
09. Shooting in a Row. The Harsh Waves of Battle!
10. Ready to be Kicked Out! Our love is forever, Right?
11. To Overcome an Obstacle? The latent Strength of the man Jiras!
12. Ecstasy! A Chase in the Labyrinth!
13. Explosive Situation. The one who hold the key!
14. Staggered Swagger. Neverending Wait!
15. Misfortune and peril? This is the Mysterious Island!
16. Pandemonium of noise! The terror of the targeted vase!
17. Effective immediately? The way to love is a single sheet of paper!
18. The right girl in the right place. Amelia in the Home of Justice!
19. Three parties, three ways! The way the light points!
20. The heros decent? For whose sake is the young girls prayer?
21. Uncivilized and unexplored! The sealed history!
22. Last farewell. The cry of the fallen ones!
23. No argument! To the place of the Final Battle
24. Unpredictable! The opened Prohibited Gate!
25. The One Summoned from the Dark Star!
26. Try again! The time for rebirth in the Light!

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Смотрела это аниме очень давно , когда маленькой была ... Постоянно крутили да и сейчас крутят по 2x2 .. 
Сейчас очень модна игра Покемон go , вот и вспомнила про это аниме smile Буду пересматривать smile

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