Восхитительные Дети ТВ-1 / Zettai Karen Children

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01. Absolutely Lovely! Their Name Is "The Children" 02. Don't worry! The Soaring Tower of Babel! 03. A Virtuous Person Acts According To His Morals! It's Painful Being An Esper 04. Beautiful Spring Scenery! Go, go! Pretty high school girl! 05. Unpreparedness is your greatest enemy! You wouldn't normally enter, right? 06. Bring on the Fight! Before Your Classmate's Eyes...!? 07. Happens All the Time! The Restricted Children 08. Hyoubu Kyousuke! Wha, he showed up? 09. Attractive bodies! We became adults!? 10. Danger Awaits! Hurry B.A.B.E.L. 2! 11. Open Air Bath! Shining Eyes in the Steam! 12. Goal! Teleport To Japan's Future!! 13. Family Collapsing? Epic Paradise Battle!! 14. Brilliant Minds!? Children Detectives 15. Golden Rule! Don't Run Away!! 16. A Promise Should Be Kept At All Costs! Memories of Distant Days... 17. Survival of the Fittest! I'm Gonna Eat 18. Passionate Love Detected! Children Breakup Crisis! 19. Berserk Angel! Naomi's House Arrest...! 20. Ultra-Beast Giga! Occasionally Like A Beast... 21. Jack of All Trades! Why Is He Angry!? 22. The Environment Is Crucial to A Child's Learning Ability! Minamoto, the Assassin's Plot Is Dissolved!? 23. Sudden Turn-Around! Snatched Away...! 24. Professinal Homemaker! Washed Up...! 25. Easy Delivery Prayer! Hello Baby 26. Foresight Transformation? The Future Is Dancing! 27. Proclamation of War! Pandora's Written Challenge 28. Charms Of A Beautiful Woman! Warning From Tsubomi! 29. Art of Coaxing! Heaven Is the Closest Beach 30. Woes Unite Foes! Do Safeblowing By Design? 31. World Treasures! On To Kyoto! 32. Beautiful Delicacies! Touch Me If You Can! 33. Autumn Hike! The Lunch Box is in the Thicket 34. From Flies To Mosquitoes Everywhere! Minamoto Is Using His Hands And Legs Too?! 35. Much Drama And Hate! Hatsune Runs Away From Home! 36. Guys Prohibited! Afternoon Of The Angels! 37. A Strong Enemy Arrives! Black Phantom! 38. The Butterfly's Dream Dream-Maker! 39. Evanescence Psycho-Divers! 40. Tsubomi Lodge! Go In! 41. Marriage Proposal! The King And The Children! 42. Combination Problem! Fantastic Toy 43. Odd Couple! Caroline Fated Reunion 44. The Pain of Separation from Loved Ones! Carrie, Eternal Farewell 45. The Natural Gift! Gift of Children 46. Suspicion Breeds Suspicion! The Notebook of "Make It Turn Out Just Like That" 47. Once Upon A Springtime Dream! Memories of Tomorrow 48. Power Uproar! The Invisible Threat 49. Fleeting Shifts and Changes! Eh, Minamoto Is!? 50. Earnest Struggle! Over the Future 51. Riot of Cherry Blossoms! Well Then, See You Later

В недалеком будущем начинает появляться много людей, с рождения наделенных экстрасенсорными способностями. Японское правительство создает Бэйбел (специальное подразделение экстрасенсов по борьбе с мировым злом), состоящее из трех сильнейших эсперов Японии. И все бы было хорошо, если бы не тот факт, что все трое - десятилетние девочки, только-только вступающие в переходный возраст.

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злой я так понял это первый сезон "Восхитительные дети: Безграничный - Хёбу Кёске / Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke"?немного в странном порядке ты их выложил:)хотя пофиг анимешка интересная если не смотреть на качество рисовки и озвучку слегка....как это сказать.....не какую:)