01. A New Life
02. The True Form of Homunculus
03. You Became A Little Strong
04. Another New Life
05. For the Sake of the Person Who Must Be Protected
06. Butterfly of Black Death
07. If You Suspect Hypocrisy
08. Night In the School Dormitory
09. The Hayasaka Sister and Brother
10. You and I have A Affinity
11. Two People Separated By Death
12. Carnival
13. Signs Of Death
14. Who are you?
15. Existence of Middle
16. New Power
17. When the Night Ends
18. Flight Journey
19. If Only You Can Protect
20. Putting in Thoughts and Power
21. Gone into Flame
22. The Required Decision
23. Boy Meets Battle Girl
24. When You Die That Is When I Die
25. Substitute Is Not Required
26. Period

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