01. The City with a Sense of Awareness
02. Capture the Flag!
03. Electric Spirit Czerny
04. Disarmament! Put on Maid Clothing!
05. The Enemy that Hides in the Land of Death
06. The Letter from Grendan
07. Adamandite Restoration
08. The Past Enemy is Now a Lost City
09. The Qualifications of a Heavens Blade Receiver
10. Lukkun's Revenge
11. Spa Resort Karian
12. White Lie
13. Feelings Hiding in the Barrel of a Gun
14. A Ruined Aristocrat's Reality
15. Feelings That Do Not Reach
16. Zuellni Rampage, Polluted Beast Attack!
17. Sarinban Instructing Mercenary Team, Deploy!
18. Nina Disappears! Zuellni In A State of Emergency
19. Guided Encounter
20. Evening at the Pre-War City
21. Kidnapped Felli
22. Invincible Lance Shelled Grendan Draws Near
23. Pieces of Ignasis
24. The City That is to be Born

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