01. First time! Amazing! Stage
02. The Lonely Amazing Challenge
03. The Distant Amazing Stage
04. Persevere for the Amazing Chance
05. The Always Amazing Distant family
06. The Small but Amazing Seal
07. The Never smiling Amazing Girl
08. Suffering Amazing Star
09. Lead role, the Amazing Challenge
10. Lead role, the Amazing Obstacle
11. Anna's Not so amazing Father
12. Hot Amazing New production
13. Stormy Amazing Contest
14. The Mysterious Amazing Circus
15. The Singing Princess's Amazing Love
16. The Dark Amazing Rumor
17. Burn! The Amazing Mia
18. Yuri's Amazing Trap
19. The Family's Amazing Bond
20. From zero, the Amazing Start
21. The Puzzling Amazing Masked star
22. Under the mask, the Amazing Resolution
23. The Mystical Amazing Act
24. The Endless Amazing Intensive training
25. Two people's Amazing Partnership
26. The Scar-filled Amazing Revival
27. The Star's Amazing Prologue (Part 1)
28. The Star's Amazing Prologue (Part 2)
29. It's a new Amazing Rival
30. Another Amazing Rookie
31. The Passionate Amazing Rival
32. On the icetop, the Amazing
33. In sweat and tears, the Amazing Rosetta
34. After all, the Amazing Layla-san
35. Marion's Amazing Debut
36. Leon's Amazing Crash Course
37. Two people's Amazing Demons
38. The Angel's Amazing Counterattack
39. It's a cruel Amazing Festival
40. The Hopeless, Amazing Return Home
41. The Fresh Start's Amazing Decision
42. The Humiliating, Amazing Co-Starring
43. Boris's Amazing Proposal
44. The Smiling Face's Amazing Departure
45. Leon's Amazing Past
46. The Fateful, Amazing Decision
47. The Swooping flight of the Amazing Angel
48. The Wounded Amazing White bird
49. Each Amazing Tomorrow
50. Not avoiding The Super amazing Combat
51. To the Promise's Amazing Location

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