001. Surprised to be dead
002. Koenma of the Spirit Realm! A trial towards resurrection
003. Kuwabara in a corner! A man's oath
004. Hot flames! Ties of the beloved
005. Yusuke's Back
006. The three Yokai! Hiei, Kurama, Goki
007. Gouki and Kurama
008. The Three Eyes of Hiei
009. The Search Begins
010. Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
011. Hard Fights for Yusuke
012. Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls
013. Yusuke VS. Rando: 99 Attacks
014. The Beasts of Maze Castle
015. Beautiful Dance of the Rose! The Elegant Kurama
016. Byakko, the White Tiger
017. Byakko's Lair
018. Seiryu, the Blue Dragon
019. Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts
020. Seven Ways to Die
021. Yusuke's Sacrifice
022. Lamenting Beauty
023. The Toguro Brothers Gang
024. The Deadly Triad
025. Kuwabara's Fight of Love
026. Toguro Returns
027. The Dark Tournament Begins
028. First Fight
029. Flowers of Blood
030. Dragon of the Darkness Flame
031. Stumbling Warrior
032. Knife-Edge Death Match
033. A Day in Waiting
034. Percentage of Victory
035. Glimpse Beneath the Mask
036. Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light
037. Master of Disguise
038. Kurama's Stand
039. Crushing Revenge
040. Jin, the Wind Master
041. Reverse Decisions
042. A Matter of Love and Death
043. The Masked Fighter Revealed
044. Yusuke's Final Test
045. Hiei Battles On
046. Many Faces, Many Forms
047. Legendary Bandit: Yoko Returns
048. The Cape of No Return
049. Genkai's Strength
050. Suzuka's Challenge
051. Arch-Rivals
052. The Death of Genkai
053. Overcoming Grief
054. The Beginning of the End
055. The Beast Within
056. Yoko's Magic
057. Beneath Bui's Armor
058. Wielder of the Dragon
059. The Shadow of Elder Toguro
060. Sakyo's Proposal
061. Two Great Rivals
062. Toguro's True Power
063. Yusuke And The Supreme Doctrine
064. Final Battle
065. The Stadium Explodes
066. Toguro's Reward
067. A New Beginning
068. The Trap Set On Siciyu House
069. Will Yusuke Be Released From His Prison
070. Surprising Truth! The Mystery Newly Appeared!
071. The Coming Terror! The Gate Of The Devil World!
072. The Messengers Of The Devil World - Seven Enemies!
073. Quietly Come Closer Wizard Doctor
074. Destroy The Territory!
075. Seaman - The Trap In The Rain
076. Kuwabara Comes Back? Awakened Power
077. The Dark Past Of The Soul World Detective!
078. Attack! Black Angel
079. Yusuke Enraged To Go! Save Kuwabara!
080. The Target Of Hakiriharame! Death Wrinkle Cross Spot!
081. The Game World In The Cave
082. Game King, With The Scary Force!
083. The Means Left! The Decision Of Kurama!
084. The Anger Of Kurama! Who Is The Man
085. The Spy Of The Soul World - Fight With Fate!
086. Yusuke Fight Hard, The Determined Difference
087. The King Of The Hell Junior Conscious Ring
088. Sensui - Be Careful With The Moral Light
089. When Everything Stops!
090. Continued To Fulfill Our Friend's Wish!
091. The Wakening Time! The Fight Continues!
092. The Proof That The Devil Nation Exists
093. Final Battle! The Final Battle In The Devil World!
094. Over! Run To Tomorrow!
095. The Fate Of Yusuke's Dangerous Relationship!
096. Midnight Visitor - Deep Mystery
097. Apart - The Way Of Each!
098. Go To The Devil World And Face The Father
099. Memory Which Can't Be Forgotten! The Matter When Born!
100. See The Light Again - The Secret Of Devil Eye
101. Theives Of The Devil World! The Thousand Years Meeting!
102. Devil Fox Change! Hidden Sense Of Killing!
103. The Words Left By Dad - The Old Memories
104. Accidental Proposition - Change Of Devil World
105. The Devil Contest! The Beginning Of The Pre-Contest!
106. The Battle Between Father And Son!
107. Fierce Fight! A Man Bets By Dream!
108. Hiei - Farewell With The Past!
109. Big Battle! Kurama And Mukuro!
110. This Is All My Power
111. The Final Decision
112. Forever Yu Yu Hakusho

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