01. Rise Up in the Hero World!
02. Soaring Romance
03. Angeroid Commander
04. Love and Yet Another Triangle
05. A Steamy Night with a Big Shot
06. Swimsuit Troops Go! Go! Go!
07. The "Cute" New Girls
08. For Whom is the Festival Thrown?
09. A Story That Starts With a Lie
10. Where the Words of Angels Go
11. Let's Go! My Paradise
12. The Chain Which Doesn't Grant Escape
13. Lost Property of the Sky

DjXSerega (2012-03-21 11:09:50)
Классная Аниме, настроение подымает biggrin
Александр (2010-10-20 22:42:40)
Я от смеха со стула падал, когда смотрел это анимэ)))