01. Hell is Coming Silently
02. The Heartless Gunfighter
03. City Where the Beast Howls
04. Brothers, Death at Dawn
05. Mansion Where the Evil God Slithers
06. Wash this Flower Garden with Blood!
07. Black Sky
08. The Scarred Fugitive
09. Party of the Dragon
10. Uncharted Cyberspace
11. Angel of the East, Hawk of the West
12. Tsuutenkaku Awash With Tears
13. Bloody War! Naniwa Mortley Crew
14. Wild Kids
15. Ocean, Swimsuit and Huge Aquatic Beast
16. A Demon Fighter in a Haunted World
17. Clash! The Two Angels
18. The Immortal Classmate
19. 24-hour Strategy
20. Highway Genocide
21. Put a Bullet in the Iron Gravestone
22. The Devil You Love
23. Execution Grounds on the Red Sea
24. Angels, Explode!

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